Fistula in Ano

India, as it is in the process of becoming a developed county, would in the near future face challenges of managing diseases which are a consequence of improper life style rather than those due to various infections.

Health or a diseased state of a person largely depends on his dietary habits and physical & mental activities. Uncontrolled and unhealthy life style habits cause various diseases of which fistula in ano is an important one.

What is a fistula?

Fistula in ano starts of as a painful boil/swelling/abscess around the anus associated with discharge of pus or blood or both mixed together interruptedly or continuously. This can occur over a period of months or years, causing a lot of discomfort to the patient.

People generally do not give adequate attention to this disease considering it as a simple boil or infection, and indulge in self-medication. The disease does not get cured easily, with such self-medications, as an abnormal communication is already  formed between the skin around the anus and the rectum or anal canal.

This disease requires timely attention and correct treatment because it is associated with high rates of recurrence, causes soiling of undergarments – due to continuous pus discharge and in certain chronic cases leads to the development of cancer.

Who can get this disease?

Persons having hard stools repeatedly over a period of years, having habit of sitting in the toilet for long hours reading newspaper etc, having a diet rich in meat, spicy and oily foods, having sedentary life styles and who do not perform any form of exercise regularly, having to travel for long distances esp. on two-wheelers and having excessive hairs in the buttocks and around the anus can get this disease.

How to understand the occurrence of the disease?

Generally, people tend to ignore boils or swellings occurring around the anus. Once the pus is discharged, people have a misconception that the disease is cured.

But rather than delaying the treatment or resorting to self-diagnosis and self-medication, it is always advisable to consult a “Proctologist” to confirm the disease along with its severity.

How to get cured of this disease?

Taking some tablets or syrups alone, cannot cure this disease. Complete relief can be got either by surgery or by an Ayurvedic treatment called “Kshara sutra” (chemical Seton).

Surgeries(fistulotomy, fistulectomy etc) though successful in curing the condition, are associated with high rates of  recurrence (up to 30%) and various other unacceptable complications like partial or complete inability to control bowel movements i.e. incontinence and also varying amounts of disfigurement of the buttock region.

Kshara sutra (an Ayurvedic, medicated thread) is an effective, scientific management method, since 1500 BC, found mention in Ayurvedic texts like Sushrutha Samhita.

Kshara sutra is a thread coated with various Ayurvedic medicines like snuhi, guggulu, haridra, apamarga kshara etc. These drugs have scientifically proven actions of excising unhealthy tissue, draining out pus, controlling infections, promoting healing of tissues etc.

Kshara sutra when tied in the fistula removes pus, unhealthy, dead tissue and promotes its healing thus curing the disease without the requirement of surgery.

Kshara sutra also assumes great importance when compared to surgery, because the recurrence rates are just 2% and the complications like incontinence, excessive disfigurement of the anal region are not associated with this treatment.

Thus this Ayurvedic treatment of Kshara sutra, now a days greatly supported by Department of AYUSH, Govt. of India, is an economical, patient-friendly, effective treatment, without complications and without the necessity of much hospital –stay.


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